An Artistic Day Out at the Chalk Art Festival!

Looking for something creative to do near Dallas?

Look no further because this great festival is just the creative opportunity you’ve been dreaming of! On Saturday, May 15, the nearby city of Carrollton is hosting its Chalk Art Festival! Located in the absolutely beautiful Mary Heads Carter Park, this awesome festival allows for amateur and professional artists to show off their full artistic potential with a colorful showcase fit for the eyes on the park’s many sidewalks. I’m all for something completely imaginative so I can predict that this sort of experience will be extremely rewarding and cathartic for youngsters looking to become artists when they grow up.

The absolutely great thing about this event is that it will also feature food, games, and live music! Plus, artists that participate in the event have the chance to receive some excellent prize money as well for their artistry. I’m pretty sure the registration deadline has already passed but it’s still a great opportunity to show your support for the many talented young artists in the area.

Carrollton is only about twenty minutes away from the Dallas area, further cementing Dallas’ great convenience when it comes to nearby commutes. If you’re living in great, affordable apartments like The Lure, The Muse, Residence at Lake Highlands, or Residence at Midtown, you can definitely expect a smooth commute over to the festival with ease! Dallas’s steadily growing job market and increasing IT and tech industry make it the perfect place to settle down! I personally find Dallas pretty appealing just based on the fact that there’s always something fun happening in the area, even during Covid. 

I think that the Chalk Art Festival is the perfect weekend adventure for families across the Dallas area. Plus, your little ones will have the chance to really get an eye for art and appreciate the care and imagination that goes into it. Chalk will, naturally, be provided at this event and all who are registered can participate with ease. 

If you’re curious about this event, you can check out their main website HERE. Give it a whirl and have fun! There are worlds of color, light, and creativity out there just waiting to be explored!


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May 11