Look alive, Jurassic Park fans! Or is it Jurassic World now? The franchise recently changed its title so it’s hard to keep track!

Either way, fans of the series have a reason to celebrate when it comes to new things to do near the Dallas region! Running from June 18th and beyond, the nearby Grandscape region is showcasing Jurassic World: The Exhibition! Whether you’re a kiddo or a million years old, you’ll find an awe-inspiring presentation full of dinosaurs, ensuring hours of entertainment and adventure!

At this 20,000 square foot experience, guests can encounter life-size dinosaur models, as well as explore intricate themed environments. You’ll encounter all the old dino favorites including Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, and good old Tyrannosaurus Rex. Plus, there will even be the opportunity to interact with adorable baby dinosaurs, adding a level of incredible cuteness to your visit. 

No need to fear for parents--this event is not expected to be too scary or stressful for little ones, though I do recommend giving them plenty of time for breaks if things get too exciting. Which this event definitely will if you’re a fan of really immersive experiences like this! Fans of the series can also expect plenty of callbacks to familiar locations and iconic scenes that they remember from the films. I can definitely say that I would have been absolutely ecstatic if I’d had this opportunity as a kid.

The Grandscape region, as mentioned, is only a twenty-minute drive away from Dallas. If you’re living at great Dallas apartments such as The Lure, The Muse, and Residence at Lake Highlands, there will be plenty of easy time for a smooth commute over to the exhibit.

This event starts at noon each day throughout its run and will definitely prove to be a roaring good time for families and friends. If you’re looking for a place to get tickets, check out this handy link HERE. I can promise you’ll be really amazed at the attention to detail this place exhibits! In the words of Jeff Goldblum, life finds a way!


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May 18